Real Estate

One of our favourite fields of practice is real estate business.


Negotiation and assistance in sale & purchase agreement
Negotiating and renewing private and commercial leases
Setting-up real property investment companies
Real estate investment funds


Due to the attractiveness of Luxembourg as a business center for collective investment in the widest sense (UCITS, SIF, SICAR), many clients from Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg are interested to create legal structures to which investors subscribe.
As requested by our clients, we assisted them in order to incorporate the Sub-fund in accordance with the requirements imposed by the CSSF for both the setting up and the corporate life of the Sub-funds.

In this respect, we wrote all the legal documents as KIIDs (Key information investor documents), prospectus, information sheet based on the information given by our client.

The main issues were :

  • the investment policy/objective regarding the investment restrictions and in compliance with all legal requirements;
  • the coordination with all the administrative persons involved in the project as the Alternative Investment Fund Manager Central administration agent, Custodian Bank, Audit;
  • the drafting and revision of the final prospectus before approval by the CSSF; and
  • the final approval by the CSSF.

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