Family Law

Family law and all issues arising therefrom such as inheritance law, juvenile law, divorce, arrangements for children and any other matter involving the human aspect, litigation, dispute resolution.


Mediation and dispute resolution


  1. Our client came to us asking about her rights in the frame of a divorce she clearly intended to introduce.
    We met her once, gave her the detailed information she was requiring, but also helped her understand her own responsibility in the way her husband was interacting with her.
    The lady managed very quickly to change her way to communicate and is happy today in her 30 year-marriage, she believed was over.
  2. Sometimes, for the sake of a whole family, there is no other way and the spouses have to part, specially, when one of them is using daily force and all kind of manipulations against his partner.
    In that case, it could be very helpful for a lawyer to get the assistance of a specialist in order to understand the deep personality of the opposite side and organise with him the best and safest way for the client to proceed and put an end to their marriage.
    We happened to assist a lady who was the victim of a partner, identified as a “narcissistic pervert”.
    When getting to know that such a person could become very dangerous, if summoned to come to Court, we chose to stay and coach our client in the background, advising a divorce based on mutual consent, introduced by a notary public and …..the divorce went its way , safely for the client.

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