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In order to acquire the shares of a French company estimated at 25,000,000 EUR, our client entered into an Agreement to be executed in two spread payments. The second payment was not executed since no funds were available.
We acted in this file in order to comply with the initial agreements step by step:

  1. It was necessary to find the funds
  2. The funds were loaned by a Cyprus Company
  3. Our client, as shareholder of the French company, made available intra group company loans to the French Company
  4. As a consequence the French company entered into a facility agreement with a bank
  5. In that respect, with the cooperation of law firms, we organized all the required documents in order to achieve the transaction.

It was useful to review all the documents in which our client was named: share pledge agreement, subordination agreement relating to the facility agreement and to prepare all the shareholders’ meetings and boards of directors in order to sign them.

It was an attractive project that had to be realized in a tight deadline in order to coordinate all the signatures and the transfer of the funds.

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