Community Committment

Environmental charter

Let us become Eco-Responsible!

As we are living at a time when people are becoming aware of how important and urgent it is to preserve the Earth, and as Ecology is synonymous with saving both energy and money, we hereby suggest some measures to contribute to this action:

Energy saving

  • Turn the heating down when opening the windows or during the night.
  • Turn the lights off when leaving a room (especially in toilets, conference rooms, offices during breaks and meetings, and cellar).
  • Shut the computer down before leaving and do not only put it in sleep mode.
  • Do not block or cover heaters.

Saving paper

Think before acting: reduce first the use of paper before thinking of re-using and recycling it.

  • Print only the first page of an e-mail rather than the whole correspondence that follows as the previous e-mails have already been filed.
  • If some people are working together on the same file, it shall be agreed that only one person prints as there is no use having the same email several times for the records.
  • Avoid printing in colour, select «black and white» instead of «standard», as it is more difficult to de-ink colours when recycling paper.
  • If possible, keep non-confidential documents that are intended to be discarded and use them as scrap paper.
  • Copy and/or print documents double-sided.
  • If documents must be circulated, please do it by e-mail. It provides many advantages: not only is the information passed on to all staff members at one time, but it also enables anyone to find it as it is in everyone’s inbox.
  • Put a box at an appropriate place for sheets of paper that can be re-used.
  • When printing Powerpoint documents, choose to print several slides on each page.
  • Make use of the computer functions «comments» and/or «markups» when commenting on or amending a document instead of printing and handwriting the comments or changes to be made.


  • Stop using plastic cups as glasses and china cups are available in the kitchen.
  • Avoid using plastic teaspoons.
  • Make sure you use the appropriate dustbin when throwing something away.

Other suggestions

  • Use energy saving bulbs where appropriate.
  • Use recycled paper.
  • Buy eco-friendly cleaning products.
  • Use rechargeable rather than disposable batteries.
  • Favour fair-trade products (coffee, tea, sugar, etc.).